Masta Ace – BK (We Don’t Play)

I’ve been considering featuring a Masta Ace track for a couple of weeks but haven’t quite been able to make my mind up on which one has me getting ‘ma crunk on’ the most, but fortunately for all of you, today I’m wearing my decision hat and thus I bring you ‘We Don’t Play.’ Masta Ace is a veteran of the American hip-hop scene and is an inspiration for many of the big names currently littering mainstream media outlets. One of his finest tracks came a mere 14 years into his epic 23-year career following a collaboration with producer Paul Nice, the track ‘We Don’t Play’ was not released at the time but last year saw the vinyl production of the funky hip-hop delight. With a captivating sample and clean beat ‘We Don’t Play’ has an infectious sound even before Masta’s bars enter the fray and give the listener a two minute lesson in how to deliver crisp, witty lines that are both soulful and perpetually relevant. You can almost instantly tell that the track was ahead of it’s time, the sounds of Saigon and Sol shoot to the forefront of one’s mind as the tune struts along in an effortlessly cool manner. Masta Ace is one of those hip-hop pillars that will continue to churn out pop, funk and soul inspired numbers for the foreseeable future and if they continue to be of such a high standard we will be welcoming his releases for another 23 years.

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