Oddisee – American Greed

June 12th will see Oddisee release his much anticipated debut album ‘People Hear What They See’ and in amongst a host of attractive tracks that have been floating about in the virtual world, ‘American Greed’ stands out as one which could see him launched into the hip-hop stratosphere. The track powers up through a audial flickering of lights, electronic beats and synths strobing and rebooting before Oddisee crisply cuts in, his vocals focussing the electronic panpipe-esque backdrop which remains the base layer which supports steady, simplistic piano chords. His vocals are some of the cleanest about, his tone is strong and his lyrics are thoughtful and witty, he manages to keep the balance between vocal and musical interaction. The soundtrack neither consumes him nor cowers in his presence and the production quality and sound levels highlight what a threat Oddisee could be to the mainstream hip-hop scene. The focal point of the song regards a society transfixed by money, a political and social stance that is well considered and well delivered, making the observations accessible to a broad audience without being too simplistic and populist. ‘American Greed’ contains all the elements of hip-hops mainplayers, the production is there, the voice is there, the samples and infectious beat are both in attendance and the bars are some of the strongest I have heard for quite some time. ‘People Hear What They See’ is sure to be a massive hit for Oddisee and hopefully it is the first of many albums to come for the Maryland-born artist.

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