Benny & The Dukes – Rendez Vous

Much like men, some tracks are showers and some are growers and as nice as big showy songs are, sometimes its nice to be surprised by realising something is better than expected. The first time I listened to ‘Rendez Vous’ by Australians Benny & The Dukes a couple of weeks ago, I thought as melodic and fun-loving as it was it lacked structure and was a little bit confused as to what it wanted to be, and I can now happily admit how ridiculously ignorant I was. The track is constructed on a ska-influenced pop sound which is uplifting and instantly likeable, much like Ben Provest’s easy listening vocals. As another song that is flying high in Triple J’s Unearthed chart, ‘Rendez Vous’ shows the band possess a raw talent for making music that combines an array on genre with wonderfully unusual song structure, similar to that found in the ska-punk revival of the nineties. Having both a mainstream ambiance but also a host of different dimensions, ones that they can dip in and out of, Benny & The Dukes have all of the attributes needed to really make a mark on the global music scene. From the joy-enducing horn section to the romantic verses via the catchy hooks and rhythmic guitars ‘Rendez Vous’ will grow on you much like Leonardo Di Caprio has in the last decade, taking you from initial confusion to awaiting every release with positive excitement. Download below.

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