Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Darkness – Keep Me Hangin’ On

The beginning of last week saw the momentous occasion of The Darkness’ first full release since their somewhat lacklustre reformation, a moment some will have dreaming about for years and others dreaded. The band have always been somewhat of a musical Marmite, with both a strong and devoted fan-base as well as an ever-present cloud […]

Bluejuice – Vitriol

Earlier today I experienced the genuinely horrifying experience of listening to Frankmusik’s second studio album, an album so shallow and sickening that for a good couple of hours I muted everything in sight and devoted my life to solitude and silence. As with most resolutions, the silence passed within minutes. However the emptiness created by […]

ABOUT.COM – Olympic Profiles

Stewart Coggin over at was nice enough to invite me to write a few squad profiles for this month’s Olympic games, I jumped at the chance to do some more work for the site and here are the results … Image links to Uruguay profile and others include; Switzerland Japan Mexico

Sod in the Seed – WHY?

Something a little bit ‘out there’ for today’s TOTD, WHY? have been churning our weird and wonderful tunes for over a decade and in amongst the somewhat unsettling tangle of poetry and horror sit some genuinely incredible tracks. Their recent (free) EP is no different to the usual concoction of confusion and maverick and is […]

Henry Bowers – TV Overdose

For anybody keen on the world rap battle scene Henry Bowers will not be a new name, the Swede travels the globe performing in international leagues like King of the Dot and Don’t Flop delivering bars and rebuttals with a depth and quality that more often then not floors his opponents. Like many  battlers, Bowers […]

Nneka – Heartbeat (Chase & Status We Just Bought a Guitar Remix)

In the murky world of remixes there are many masterpieces scattered amongst the questionable beats of bedroom djs. Chase and Status are one of the biggest names in drum and bass at the moment, and with everything they produce earning rave reviews I felt it was time to feature some of their brilliance. Nneka’s ‘heartbeat’ […]

Matt & Kim – Let’s Go

A Brooklyn-based duo with a Midas touch, Matt & Kim continue their uninterrupted hot streak with the first track from their forthcoming album ‘Lightning’, entitled ‘Let’s Go’. A surprisingly relaxed track from the drum enthused electro-pop tag-team, ‘Let’s Go’ is built on a foundation of gentle chants and comparatively soft drum beats. The track is […]

Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks

As an internet music blogger, I am fully aware that the words Radio 1 are dirty and unforgivable. I know that featuring a track that has been highlighted and praised by the mass media will have me blacklisted by hipsters and alienated by peers, but ‘Little Talks’ is that good a track that I am […]

Seth Sentry – Float Away

After a couple of months hiatus due to exams and hand-in’s, I rise like the proverbial phoenix with news of an absolute steamer from one of my favourite artists. Seth Sentry is the Tarantino of Australian hip-hop – not the most prolific, but what he releases into the world is poetic, considered and elegant. Sentry’s […]

Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight Tonight

Today I’m going to be a mainstream pop whore, because I can. Hot Chelle Rae drove their illuminous pop truck through the front doors of America’s musical petrol station last year after scoring a couple of platinum singles and a top 50 album. One of their summer hits was the contagious ‘Tonight Tonight’ which I […]