Monthly Archives: May 2012

Cris Cab – Gypsys on the Boulevard

So the summer is firmly upon us here in jolly old England, and as we all know that means both self-pitying indie and melancholy rock take a break from playlist duties to be replaced by funky feel good pop and heat stroke inducing reggae tunes. A song that sits in the latter category and is […]

John Butler Trio – Mystery Man

Ahead of Tuesday’s much anticipated UK release of John Butler’s ‘Tin Shed Tales’, the man himself was nice enough to offer some of those less experienced JB fans a seductive little taster in the form of the ‘Mystery Man’ free download. But that pillar of masculinity knows what he’s doing and chances are, you will […]

Imagine Dragons – It’s Time

With a week of journalism exams finally over and the ability to step back into the past acquired, I bring you the 22nd of May’s track of the day, but I promise you it was worth the wait. With all the hype swirling around Imagine Dragons remixes which whomp and chirp throughout, I feel ‘It’s […]

Sonny Shotz – Valley Girl

Everyone loves a hip-hop tune with a blinding pop sample and ‘Valley Girl’ is a prime example of just that. Both Sonny Shotz and ‘Valley Girl’ have been around for quite some time and although he has achieved mediocre success with OnCue and The Deans List, Shotz has failed to receive the recognition his accomplished […]

The Milk – Danger

A little bit of Rock n’ Soul for today’s track of the day just to pull you through the remaining hours of your back to work Mondays (although as circumstances usually dictate, this is technically yesterday’s song). The Milk have been on many a radar for many a month and with EP’s and singles drifting […]

Motion City Soundtrack – Wait So Long

In anticipation of the unveiling of new single ‘Timelines’ today, my All Covered entry this week comes from the lips of Justin Pierre and the very capable instrument playing hands of Motion City Soundtrack. The track ‘Wait So Long’ was originally performed by progressive bluegrass band Trampled By Turtles and was unashamedly fantastic. However, Motion […]

Fly Moon Royalty – The Birthday Song

A switch up for today’s track; firstly, it’s actually on time for a change and secondly it comes from the ‘alternative hip-hop neo-soul’ genre, which I guess makes it my favourite alternative hip-hop neo-soul song ever? Fly Moon Royalty are a Seattle-based duo consisting of DJ Action Jackson and vocalist Miss Adraboo, and the good […]