Passion Pit – Take a Walk

Excitingly today’s track was selected by yesterday’s featured artist Castlecomer and unsurprisingly they have selected an absolutely masterful song from an electropop giant.

Passion Pit satisfied millions of fans earlier this year with the announcement of their second studio album ‘Gossamer’, set to be injected into our psyche in July, and this month has seen the first appetiser for the much anticipated release in the shape of single ‘Take a Walk’. As always with Passion Pit ‘Take a Walk’ features a powerful blend of electropop which will get you all riled up like a toddler on a sherbet binge. Although the song centres on the economic recession and the problems faced by those struggling to manage their money, the marching beat and sentimental lyrics manage to overpower the painful subject matter. Although the majority of my posts cover feel-good pop and simplistic indie, I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate the writing skills of artists like Passion Pit’s lead singer Michael Angelakos who is clearly a methodical maverick. His attention to detail always floods the band’s work and although the production of  ‘Take a Walk’ is seamless as ever, the vocalizers and synthesizers appear to have been played down enough for the scintillating prose to overwhelm the track, making a musical banquet you cant wait to devour over and over again. The electronic riffs, awakening keyboards and engaging storyline keep you bewitched by the single throughout the four and a half minutes, and like every great piece of art you find something new to admire after each listen. Trust the one track I don’t pick to be one of the most powerful and majestic tracks of the year…


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