Castlecomer – Danny’s Den (With Interview)

Like many of the successful folk-rock tracks in recent years ‘Danny’s Den’s’ hefty intro seduces you long before Bede Kennedy’s gravelly vocals make you melt like a Skip on the tongue. Castlecomer’s rousing number builds with stirring guitar riffs and thunderous yet unembellished drum beats, leaving an honest, raw piece that is perfect for the summer ahead. The main vocals centre on a personal reflection concerning wisdom and freedom and the lyrics, which sit comfortably atop of the organic musical foundation, are both melodic and genuine. One of the amazing aspects of Castlecomer is the ability to combine their voices to form breath-taking harmonies which whisk you away from whatever you’re doing and drop you onto that beach-based paradise you’ve been dreaming about. ‘Danny’s Den’ is certainly a case of simplistic beauty and represents why the folk genre has experienced a resurgence in recent times, a combination of pure talent and considered song-writing make Castlecomer a band to really keep your eyes on.

I was lucky enough to ask Castlecomer a few questions to help Slumped readers understand who they are and where they come from …

Who makes up Castlecomer?
Bede, Joe, Tom, Joey and Pat.

How would you describe your music to a new listener?
Vocal harmony-infused folk rock, or ‘folkal rock’ as some have quite wittily described it!

The name Castlecomer suggests an Irish link, is there a story behind the name?
Four of us are cousins, Castlecomer is a small Irish town where we are descended from.

Which current bands would you really like to emulate?
We don’t really aim to emulate, we’re trying to find our own sound and bring something unique to the table, but we do take heavy influence from bands like Mumford and Sons and Fleet Foxes, and to an extent U2, if you can still call them current!

Your single ‘Danny’s Den’ is receiving widespread acclaim, what’s the track about?
It seems to mean different things for different people, so it’s open to interpretation!

How does it feel to be flying high in the Triple J Unearthed charts?
It feels great, we’ve been up there around the top 5 for about 6 weeks or so now, so it’s confidence-building to know that people are still hearing it for the first time and voting for it to keep it up there!

What does the future hold for Castlecomer? Any plans for a UK tour?
Absolutely. We are based in Sydney and have a Melbourne tour coming up in early-mid July. We are looking at travelling abroad around this time next year, and the UK is right up there on our list!

Now, as you are today’s Slumped track of the day its time for you to select tomorrow’s, so which single is currently being worn out on Castlecomer’s record player?
Got to be ‘Take a Walk’, the newest release from Passion Pit. It hasn’t been out long but we all connected with it straight away, and loved it so much we covered it with our own slightly different arrangement, which is on Youtube now but special mention must go to ‘Empty Hands’ by Art of Sleeping, a band from Brisbane – killer track.


  1. No UK tour before you hit Adelaide please!

  2. We love Castlecomer!!! Still holding on hope for a US tour!

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