Grouplove – Cruel and Beautiful World

After a few days of excitable summer tunes, a poor weather forecast for the weekend has got me worried that I have yet to provide enough songs for those who wish to lock themselves indoors, sob over memories of the ex and cradle their beloved household pet in a manic and slightly unhinged manner. But fear not – I come prepared with a song for every occasion and ‘Cruel and Beautiful World’ from California rockers Grouplove is the perfect ‘the world is against me’ tune.  The track title is a perfect analogy of Christian Zucconi’s haunting vocals which somehow combine the elements of pain and comfort into one majestic entity. A slow, lumbering number ‘Cruel and Beautiful World’ trips through the verses with a somewhat oxymoronic awkward elegance and into the unforgiving chorus which is fantastically raw and surprisingly uplifting.The gentle guitars and wining backing vocals provide a certain sincerity to the number which rises in parts through a mountain trail of brutal cymbals and frantic percussion, leaving the view from the top both rewardingly spectacular and emotionally tiring. The album ‘Never Trust A Happy Song’ is a rather schizophrenic piece of work in which Grouplove exhibit and incredible gift for both melodic pop tracks, such as ‘Colours’ and ‘Tongue Tied’, and minimalist folk-inspired sensations like ‘Itchin’ On A Photograph’ and obviously ‘Cruel and Beautiful World’, but regardless of genre or mood, they really are masters of their art.

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