Loreen – Euphoria

In celebration of the world’s finest musical extravaganza – Eurovision, today’s track of the day features the winning tune of this years competition which amazingly, is pretty damn good.

Loreen made her initial steps into the music industry via the Swedish equivalent of American Idol back in 2004 and has since dabbled in television and production before returning to music last year in an attempt to represent her country at Eurovision 2011, an attempt that eventually failed. Luckily for us, Loreen returned this year and her dance number ‘Euphoria’ stormed through both the national selection process and Eurovision itself to win with a mammoth 372 points.

‘Euphoria’ is the lovechild of a Nineties dance demon and a JLS-esque modern pop track and although there appears to be no great poetry or subtlety to the song, nobody can deny its infectious chorus and pumping electronica. From time to time we all need that thoughtless party number to let out hair down to and with Loreen’s hearty vocals managing to hold their own against the viscous floor-filling beats, ‘Euphoria’ gives us just that.

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