Cris Cab – Gypsys on the Boulevard

So the summer is firmly upon us here in jolly old England, and as we all know that means both self-pitying indie and melancholy rock take a break from playlist duties to be replaced by funky feel good pop and heat stroke inducing reggae tunes. A song that sits in the latter category and is happy to step up to the big leagues of ‘most played’ and ‘top tracks’ is the relaxing ‘Gypsys on the Boulevard’ by reggae starlet Cris Cab. For a relatively unknown entity Cris Cab has managed to flood his mixtape ‘Echo Boom’ with a host of music legends, with Shaggy and Wyclef joining Pharrell and Melanie Fiona on the eclectic set of summer songs. ‘Gypsys on the Boulevard’ stands out from a glittering array of tracks with its simplistic and memorable construction, making it reminiscent of the ground-breaking 1970s reggae scene. Cab proves throughout the thoughtful compilation that his captivating vocals can carry any production, and ‘Gypsys on the Boulevard’ is the track most dependent on his luscious tones. A gentle backdrop of humming bass and skanking guitars do well to support and not interfere with the beauty of Cab’s tracks, and that remains a theme throughout his work. The catchy chorus and storytelling verses sit atop of the musical cushion and mangle together to whisk you back 40 years into the eye of the reggae storm, a timeless sound and uncomplicated production makes Cab’s artistry eternally relevant. Make sure you follow the link below the track and download the mixtape, because those summer nights with friends and family will not be the same without it.

Download Link


  1. Thanks for this post, such a cool song!

    1. Cheers mate, appreciate you took the time to listen and give some feedback. Mike.

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