John Butler Trio – Mystery Man

Ahead of Tuesday’s much anticipated UK release of John Butler’s ‘Tin Shed Tales’, the man himself was nice enough to offer some of those less experienced JB fans a seductive little taster in the form of the ‘Mystery Man’ free download. But that pillar of masculinity knows what he’s doing and chances are, you will be downloading his entire works sooner rather than later.

John Butler is one of those artists who possesses the invaluable ability of creating seamless albums that leave you savouring each track and refusing to skip any of the pristine works that click together to make each collection. The 2010 album ‘April Uprising’ was no exception, its emotionally inspired title (a nod to Butlers’ Bulgarian roots) was echoed throughout a sentimental album, in which the track ‘Mystery Man’ found itself. With its tender lead guitar, bare drum beats and airy chords, the track is furnished with an earthy canvas, onto which Butler paints his lyrical masterpiece. Rarely has a song which centres its verse on confusion, sounded so focussed and purposeful. Butler’s insightful tale is channelled peacefully through his folksy tones and is the perfect soundtrack for these balmy summer nights.

Click through embedded video for your free download.

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