Imagine Dragons – It’s Time

With a week of journalism exams finally over and the ability to step back into the past acquired, I bring you the 22nd of May’s track of the day, but I promise you it was worth the wait.

With all the hype swirling around Imagine Dragons remixes which whomp and chirp throughout, I feel ‘It’s Time’ to appreciate the original track for what it is and bring you it in its most fragile form. Imagine Dragons’ journey to the edges of the mainstream radar has not been an easy one. A tale of a self-releasing garage band underlies the fantastic reputation and catalogue that the Las Vegas-based outfit have sculpted for themselves. Such a tale of honesty and authenticity makes their music easy to love, especially when tracks like ‘It’s Time’ reflect the sincerity behind the bands ideology. The track itself combines a tickling mandolin with acoustic support provided from guitars, stomps and claps which make the heartfelt lyrics more accessible, removing the solid wall of sound incorporated into the recent remixes. Dan Reynolds’ rousing choruses and verses maintain the songs passion and leave you in a reflective but empowered mood, his bluegrass influenced tone ensuring you don’t drift away with the free-wheeling backdrop.

One comment

  1. This is great! I love his voice.

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