Sonny Shotz – Valley Girl

Everyone loves a hip-hop tune with a blinding pop sample and ‘Valley Girl’ is a prime example of just that. Both Sonny Shotz and ‘Valley Girl’ have been around for quite some time and although he has achieved mediocre success with OnCue and The Deans List, Shotz has failed to receive the recognition his accomplished work has deserved. ‘Valley Girl’ heavily relies on The Scripts ‘Breakeven’ to intersperse Shotz’ enigmatic bars, working the melodic pop tune into a heavy beat to set the tracks foundations. Danny O’Donoghue’s chorus has you drifting away to another world before Shotz’ college boy bars, containing generic but well constructed lyrics regarding girls and parties, bring you back to the well balanced and focused track. The personable tone of Shotz’ voice and crisp delivery of his vocals stands him in good stead for continued and increased notoriety. Sonny Shotz has certainly got the ability and relevance to move into the higher echelons of American hip-hop, joining the likes of B.O.B and Kanye West on the global scene.

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