The Milk – Danger

A little bit of Rock n’ Soul for today’s track of the day just to pull you through the remaining hours of your back to work Mondays (although as circumstances usually dictate, this is technically yesterday’s song). The Milk have been on many a radar for many a month and with EP’s and singles drifting about like the proverbial plastic bag in the wind, lots of us are sat waiting for that illusive album to fill us with warmth, rescuing us from the musical cold. Whilst we wait, the best we can do is relive former glories and continue to spread the word of just how ruddy good these Essex boys are. The track ‘Danger’ is 90 seconds of near unspeakable beauty, near unspeakable because there would be no review if it was completely unspeakably beautiful, thus logic dictates it just misses out on such a prestigious title. However, it is a corker. The track guides you through a Motown museum, Rick Nunn’s sickeningly raw vocals spearheading a tribe of Doo-Wop warriors, machete wielding drumbeats and brutal bass licks.The rasping chorus melts sublimely into the raucous backdrop like a cube of sugar into a cup of heavenly tea: no coloring, no additives, just a pure unbridled mug of British joy. Pass me The Milk.


  1. “Pass me The Milk.” Cheeeeeeeese. But this song is an actual jam.

    1. Haha I was working with the tea analogy!!

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