Motion City Soundtrack – Wait So Long

In anticipation of the unveiling of new single ‘Timelines’ today, my All Covered entry this week comes from the lips of Justin Pierre and the very capable instrument playing hands of Motion City Soundtrack. The track ‘Wait So Long’ was originally performed by progressive bluegrass band Trampled By Turtles and was unashamedly fantastic. However, Motion City Soundtrack’s spin on the single translates it for a completely different demographic. Motion City Soundtrack are a very different proposition to the band that released ‘Commit This To Memory’ and ‘I Am The Movie’ and thus the alteration of ‘Wait So Long’ is a soft and poppy rather than a synth-orientated pop-rock bonanza. Pierre completely strips the song back vocally, slowing the tempo and elongating the chorus creating a feel good pop track so far removed from the original that it is almost unrecognizable in the cloud of melodic pop and slightly muted electro influenced alternative rock. Both tracks have their own swagger but Motion City Soundtrack’s rendition is certainly more mainstream than the original, making for easy, harmonious listening.

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