Fly Moon Royalty – The Birthday Song

A switch up for today’s track; firstly, it’s actually on time for a change and secondly it comes from the ‘alternative hip-hop neo-soul’ genre, which I guess makes it my favourite alternative hip-hop neo-soul song ever? Fly Moon Royalty are a Seattle-based duo consisting of DJ Action Jackson and vocalist Miss Adraboo, and the good news is the collaboration are set to release a free EP next week entitled ‘Dimensions’ from which today’s song choice ‘The Birthday Song’ is taken. A whimsical feel good track, ‘The Birthday Song’ is gentle in both melody and theme with tinkling pianos and swaying beats supporting Adraboo’s vintage tones to create a fusion of sixties soul and modern hip-hop. The insouciant number will have you forgetting your worries whilst clicking and head-swooping like an X-Factor backing singer. Magical.

The free, and as always, legal, download link for this little cracker.  (Right click and ‘save link/target as).

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