Cosmo Jarvis – Love This

Some days, us bloggers scour the internet for hours only to stumble across a half decent song that we can pass off as the next big thing or bare minimum something that is worth your time, other days we have an absolutely breathtaking masterpiece delivered, gift-wrapped, to our feet; today is one of those days.

Cosmo Jarvis is one of those songwriters who will always surprise you, from ‘Gay Pirates’ to ‘Dave’s House’ he manages to touch on every spectrum of music with his work. Usually playful, raunchy and generally jovial, his songs often take you on a journey from A to B whilst meandering off and visiting every letter in-between, but with his latest release ‘Love This’ we are given a glimpse behind the facade and straight into the soft centre of a genius. The gentle single is edible from the off, unimposing licks united with an honest, acoustic beat, setting the scene for an emotive vocal cascade of bewitching lyrics. Lyrics that work from a superficial level all the way through to an insightful core.The track carries you through from start to finish in a haze of passion and wistfulness, lulling you into its charming rhythms. Even the hook that is nice enough to settle gently into your subconsciousness is delicate and graceful. Forget track of the day, this has to be the track of the year so far, an elegant, thoughtful and harmonious triumph.

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